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Attorney Richard D. Trainor has achieved favorable results in thousands of cases. He provides knowledgeable guidance and steadfast representation you can trust.
Providing Guidance For Clients Throughout Northwest Indiana And Southern Illinois From Michigan City, Indiana.

How Can Attorney Trainor Help Your Business?

Founder and managing lawyer of the Law Offices of Richard D. Trainor, attorney Trainor offers more than 35 years of proven experience representing individuals and businesses, helping them achieve fair and effective results. Whether your business is in the process of expansion or reduction or you’re going into business for the first time, attorney Trainor can help you save time and money by ensuring that your business is set up and operating with minimal risk. He provides contract negotiation and drafting services as well as legal entity formation services and can guide you through an employment dispute.

He can meet with you during an initial confidential consultation to learn about your circumstances and explain how he can help you achieve your goals.

Help You Can Rely On After An Accident

The insurance company is not your friend. It will likely offer you the lowest amount possible after an accident with the hope of saving money at the expense of your family’s well-being. Don’t agree to its first offer. Attorney Trainor can discuss your options with you and help you get a fair amount so that you can recover from your injury without additional financial stress.

Attorney Trainor fights hard for his clients, and he will be honest with you every step of the way. You can trust him to provide answers and advocacy that put your needs first.

The Difference Attorney Richard D. Trainor Can Make

Richard D. Trainor is a passionate advocate who believes every client deserves quality representation. Contact him today for the legal service you deserve.